Vision and Philosophy

The vision of Natterjack is to grow into a site where different voices, which wouldn’t normally be heard together, can engage with each other and throw light on each other.

Poets and bloggers, artists and academics, journalists and performers, fanatics and sceptics, comics and satirists, established writers and new writers, adults and children – and more – will be heard in these pages.

There’ll be commentaries exploring links between these writings.

Plus a forum where you can add your own comments and questions.

And original illustrations, photos and artwork. And music.

And a shop where you can buy ebooks and CDs. If you want to. But most of our content is FREE .

So browse about, look at what we’ve got so far, and if you think maybe you could add to it, get in touch.

Natterjack is primarily a site about writing - but it's also about Multimedia: for instance audio poems, music and video. Audio and video will never just start and startle you, on this site: it will only play if you click the start button for a video or an MP3, or on a link to our Youtube channel, Natterjackvideo.

Natterjack is a free independent online polyphonic magazine, which aims to produce unexpected juxtapositions of different kinds of writers and readers and bring them together in an online community of words. I say words because words are where we’re starting. We're also expanding into music, visual art and video, and multimedia presentations.

Essentially there are two sides to it:

The poetry and fiction section combines poems and stories by established writers with those by obscure writers, new writers, experimental writers, children, and some of the great famous names from the past. Some of these pieces are text on screen, others are audio and/or video files. In time there’ll be commentaries exploring links between them, plus a forum where you can add your own comments and questions. For more detail see the poetry policy page.

The articles section will feature a wide mix of material. So far we have articles on topics such as cake, scrapyards, gambling, and postmodern art. We have articles promised on global warming denial; studies of blues guitarists; the fall of the Roman Empire; head lice; God; how to lose money on the horses; schizophrenia; how gypsies get their MOTs; etc. We will also have articles on writing and publication, and on education.

Our emphasis is on entertainment, not on hard information, though it has some of that as well. Our content aims to be “quite interesting” (as Stephen Fry would say), even if it’s not always quite factually reliable. Some of our content is straight talking, other parts are spoofs and satires, and we credit our readers with being able to sort out the difference. We believe that laughter, ridicule, parody, the deconstructive, the carnivalesque, are valid vehicles for approaching truths, understandings and insights. Natterjack is not an academic site – though some features may be of interest to students and teachers.

We believe that a very wide range of voices can be worth hearing – though some of them may need a bit of careful editing first – and that some of the resonances of these voices can be brought out by unexpected juxtapositions. So, we aim to combine experienced writers with new writers, the very old with the very young, the mainstream with the marginal, the polished with the raw, and all stages in between. Sometimes we’ll provide commentaries exploring links between pieces we’ve put next to each other. Other times, we’ll leave readers to make their own connections.

While we welcome submissions from experienced writers, part of our purpose is also to encourage new writers who may have less confidence. We can offer various levels of support, ranging from light-touch proofreading to advice on content, style and structure, or editorial help with spelling / punctuation / grammar / layout etc if you want it. We can also offer more fundamental re-writing and ghosting services where appropriate. So if you have something to say but you’re not sure how to say it, we still want to hear from you. See the How to submit work page for more details.

Some of this stuff is illustrated by original artwork. Most of it is FREE, but there’s also a shop where you can buy longer and more detailed work in a range of formats: ebooks, CDs, DVDs. If you like. No obligation though.


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