Totally Wicked Gold Standard Tobacco Flavour

Rather a long (and uninformative) name for quite a nondescript juice. A blandish vegetable flavour with perhaps a hint of lemon lurking vaguely in the background. Quite a thin vape. Nothing wrong with it but nothing special either.

Totally Wicked Patriot Range Tobacco Americanno: Review

An odd flavour of mushy peas in this one, somehow. These imitation-tobacco-flavour juices never have real tobacco in them: the actual ingredients are generally a trade secret, but we know they blend together a range of food flavourings to uncannily imitate a tobacco flavour. This one is definitely more veg than fruit.

This is an American juice, and I don’t even know if Americans have mushy peas, and this taste may have quite different associations for Americans. But here in Lancashire, it’s mushy peas that this juice brings to mind. A definite sensation of tinned veg. Not unpleasant, but not one I’m likely to go back to, and not what I’d expected from the manufacturer’s description. I’ll give it another tankful or two to get used to it, and after that I’ll probably mix it with something else to try making it more interesting.

Totally Wicked Gold Standard: Peach Schnapps

This is a flavour I tried on a whim. Years ago, I once quite enjoyed smoking a peach-flavoured tobacco: I found it a bit gimmicky but OK. But this juice isn’t tobacco-flavoured with a touch of peach in the background: it’s just full-on peach. It really does taste of peaches. That’s good if you like peaches, but I’m not too fond of them myself. It’s a well-made juice though, and produces a good firm vape. What I’ll probably do is mix it with tobacco-flavoured juices and experiment with different proportions. But if you’re a peach lover you could just vape this neat.


I also discovered a truly excellent ejuice from Totally Wicked called Virginia - but looking at their website I see they have at least 2 different juices called Virginia, and I don't remember which one I had ... I'll have to order both of them now and compare them, before I can write a review. So that's something to look forward to. But I have a few more bottles of other flavours to get through first. I'll keep you posted.


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