Review: VIP USA Tobacco Flavour

This juice is straightforward, enjoyable and satisfying. It’s clean and firm, quite crisp, but without much definite flavouring to it. Sometimes it seems to have a dryness, and yet, paradoxically, it has a definite taste of water vapour. There’s quite a bracing windiness to it: it has the feel of wide open spaces and open skies. It’s a pretty clean taste, with a good throat hit. Predominantly, the experience is water, wind, and nicotine. This is a juice that just gets on with the job, and I doubt if anyone will complain about it. Apparently it’s VIP’s best-selling flavour, and if you just want a basic, reliable vape, then I can understand people not wanting to look any further.

Review: VIP Rolling Virginia

The Rolling Virginia cartomisers, for the cigarette-lookalike model, have a quite distinctive taste: a gentle nutty quality, mixed with a creamy sweetness. I haven’t been getting much of that from the bottled e-liquid version: its flavour is quite elusive. After a while a leafy kind of graininess comes through, and a slight mellowness. It’s quite similar to the VIP “USA Tobacco” flavour, but perhaps a little softer in the mouth. There’s a hint of sherbert, and way down in the background, a hint of peanut butter, and perhaps a suggestion of butterscotch. But none of these flavours ever really assert themselves. It’s really quite plain and down to earth, not unlike a good quality English roll-up. If you want a fancy flavour, this isn’t for you: but if you feel like something just slightly richer than the basic VIP USA brand, you could be quite happy with this one.


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