Puffin Virginia


What do you expect of a “Virginia” flavour e-juice? The website says it “needs no introduction”, which is a little less than helpful. Virginia is a pretty broad church, in tobacco flavours. Virtually all British cigarettes are based on Virginia tobaccos, though they’re usually at the shallow end of it, without much flavour (they usually only put rubbish and leftovers in factory-made filter-tip cigarettes). But even in the world of decent hand-rolling tobaccos and pipe tobaccos, “Virginia” covers a wide range of tastes. There’s the bright, sharp, flavours of Golden Virginia or Gold Block, but there’s also the dark, rich flavours of Old Holborn or St Bruno: all these count as “Virginia”. So I approached the Puffin “Virginia” flavour e-juice with an open mind. I just imagined that if they’re calling it “Virginia”, rather than just “cig” or something, they’re presumably trying to imitate a decent tobacco taste, with a bit of flavour to it.

My first impression was that it seems quite viscous: it’s thicker, and clingier, than some juices I’ve tried. It slides down slowly into the tank, clinging to the sides, as if it’s got a lot of substance to it. Then on a first vape, the first thing that hit me was a sweetness: it’s sweeter than I’d somehow expected, and a bit of a shock on the tastebuds. But, certainly not unpleasant. The website describes it as having “a slight caramel sweetness”, but it seemed to me perhaps more like treacle. All ejuice flavours take a while to build up. Once I’d got used to it, I realised the main thing it was reminding me of was marmalade.

I enjoyed it more as the day went on. It has a richness, a stickiness, a certain fruitiness. A hint of orange maybe: or perhaps orange peel. It’s sweet, but with the dark sweetness of brown sugar rather than white. Sometimes a touch of honey seems to come through. But more than anything else, it’s marmalade.

After a couple of days, after I’d adapted to it, I found it quite delicious. I’m now trying a much plainer flavour juice, and the Puffin Virginia is still very much lingering in the background. It’s a memorable vape and definitely one I want to get again.


Puffin Flue-Cured

Another enjoyable Puffin juice, like a rich dark sauce, with a hint of toffee perhaps. Sometimes it seems quite beefy, almost like gravy. Or more like beef stock, perhaps. Or some kind of brown sauce, like Worcester sauce, or even a black bean sauce. Definitely a dark brown tone. But with a sweetness as well as a savoury feel to it. From time to time there’s a deeper smoky taste coming through, with the mood of an Autumn bonfire. But the flavours are tantalisingly elusive, even though this is supposed to be the “Extra Flavour” version I have here. I want the flavour brought out much further into the foreground. Sometimes I find myself over-vaping on this one, chasing that flavour, trying to dig out more of it.

This juice produces quite an aroma, a dark brown sort of smell, a bit like a good pipe tobacco. People tell me it’s not an unpleasant smell, but it’s noticeable. So it may not be suitable if you need to vape stealthily in your workplace. I like it at home though.



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