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More information on the Owls albums (including sample tracks) can be found here

More information on a word again from David Rose can be found here

More information on Rite of Passage by Peter Street is here - and on A Kind of Village here


Peter Street - A Kind of Village

£ 0.50 

This is Peter Street's novella, available as a PDF ebook. As a special offer, it's now reduced to just 50p.

figures of 8

£ 5 

The first album by The Owls. A sequence of 8 Michael Bruce songs, including Stalker and The Blues. Featuring Michael Bruce (voice, guitars, mandolin) with Steve Grist (bass) and Tom Winstanley (drums). On CD with cover artwork by John Williams.


from elsewhere

£ 3 

An illustrated ebook of poems by Michael Bruce. It comes as 2 versions: 1) a full colour PDF of poems and pictures, designed for reading and viewing on screen; 2) a plain text-only PDF (black print on white background) designed for easy printing, for those readers who prefer a paper copy.

This comes as a download. As soon as your order is processed (generally within a day or two) you will be sent the ebook by email.


Hung Parliament

£ 5 

The 3rd album from The Owls (2011). 10 songs from Michael Bruce. Voice, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, bass, drums. On CD in case.


a word again from David Rose

£ 5 

 A 37-page PDF ebook of the poems and prose of David Rose. This will be sent by email.

There is also an associated 15-minute video, this island rose, with fragments of the poetry set against David's last photographs of the Isle of Skye, with a musical soundtrack. Copy / paste this link:


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