Natterbox, the Natterjack forum, is closed for now. If there are enough howls of protest I can open it again, but the truth is that not enough people were using it.

Members and guest writers all seem to prefer just emailing me with their comments, questions and suggestions, instead of using the forum. Which is fine: I’m always happy to chat by email. Though it would be good if members & writers & visitors could chat with each other, too, which was the idea of Natterbox.

But maybe we’ve all got enough forums to join in with already ...



An under-used forum just doesn’t look good on the website. A bit like that fugly car one of my neighbours has, which spoils the look of my street. But while I can’t do much about the fugly car, I can remove the unsightly under-used forum.


(Note: fugly is an expressive term I’ve picked up from modern youth slang. You won’t catch me saying lol, or OMG, or , but I do use the occasional fugly.)


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