How to submit work

We are looking for original writing on a wide range of subjects. Topics of articles currently in preparation include gravedigging, horse racing and gambling, electronic cigarettes, autism, blues music, the fall of the Roman Empire, shampoo, and how gypsies get their MOTs. The only rule is that your piece should be potentially interesting and entertaining for a potentially wide, non-specialist readership.

We don’t want to be too prescriptive about a “house style” for writing. Part of our philosophy is that the world we live in, and the way we talk about the world, is always shifting, not standing still, so our house style will be continually developing and evolving. We welcome originality, even eccentricity. We don’t want a dry academic or bureaucratic style, though parodies of a dry academic or bureaucratic style are fine. In fact parodies in general are something we encourage.

While we welcome submissions from experienced writers, part of our purpose is also to encourage new writers who may have less confidence. We can offer various levels of support, ranging from light-touch proofreading to advice on content, style and structure, or editorial help with spelling / punctuation / grammar / layout etc if you want it. We can also offer more fundamental re-writing and ghosting services where appropriate. So if you have something to say but you’re not sure how to say it, we still want to hear from you.

We're also looking for poetry and stories - click here for more details.

Terms for Original Work –

There are two systems. One is that you offer your work to readers for free. No money changes hands, but you get the opportunity to get your work seen / heard by visitors to the website and subscribers to the Newsletter.

The other way is that you offer your work for sale through Natterjack, as a downloadable ebook or audiofile, and/or as a CD/DVD, and we take an agreed commission on your earnings. Often we’ll suggest offering a short free sample or two, followed by a longer and more detailed piece of work for sale.

You can publish under your own name, or under a pen name.

Please submit work to:

It's usually best to send work as an attachment to a covering email. But if you don't have Microsoft Word - e.g. you Mac users - try pasting the whole thing straight into an email.

Adverts -

We don't carry adverts as such. But we're happy to provide free mentions, weblinks etc for events, services, books, CDs etc which may be of interest to our subscribers and visitors. Sometimes we'll do a review too.

Contact us at


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