by Michael Bruce

Natterjack is changing.



The Twat from Doncaster - an inside glimpse at the secrets of successful wine salesmanship

Oil paintings on the radio - and why religions don't have a Holy Video

FCUK & All That - the Norman Conquest and Youth Fashion
On Songwriting - and how it's different from poetry

The last day of June - and the last day of the Wild Rover. Used cars, redundancy, and scrapyards

Vauxhall Vectra review - I've had 2 of these now (2016)

£1,000 off a kitchen, anyone?
What is poetry anyway? What is art?  Bob Cobbing, Tracey Emin, and shoplifting in reverse
The 2010 Colne Blues Festival - and The Blues by The Owls
Evaluation (to the memory of Don Van Vliet): what is crap?


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