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edited by Michael Bruce


A new publication from Natterjack:

A Kind of Village

by Peter Street

a short novel - about adolescence, bullying, disability, romance, and the supernatural

more information here

Also available:

Rite of Passage - a gravedigger's memoir

by Peter Street.

More information here


Natterjack is (at least) 2 different things ...

It’s partly a platform for my own stuff: writing, poetry, articles, music, graphics, video ...

It’s also a magazine for other people’s writing, in a variety of formats, including multimedia. We publish writing by new writers as well as experienced writers, and we offer editorial services - so if you have a draft you can't finish, we may be able to help.

Everything on the website is free to read / view / listen to: but we also occasionally publish ebooks and audio CDs for sale. You can see what we have currently available in the Natterjack Shop.


If you think it might be a suitable platform for your stuff, read more.

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